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Financial Literacy Workshops


The Finance and Accounting Fundamentals TM workshop is an interactive, colourful and highly visual approach to financial literacy training that makes accounting so much easier and fun for non-accountants. Debbie Millard is an accredited trainer of the Colour Accounting Learning System TM by Wealthvox TM

About The Workshop

Finance and Accounting Fundamentals is a one-day introductory financial literacy workshop.  

Boosting the confidence of Business Owners, Managers and Non-Executive Directors around the numbers side of the business. For those that would like to feel more comfortable with accounting lingo and understanding the balance sheet as well as the profit and loss account. This workshop is all about making business finance easy for those with a non-financial background. Equipping leaders in business to make better informed decisions through understanding the story the numbers are telling them.

Ideal for Business Owners, Managers and Non-Executive Directors from a non-financial background that:

  • Admit to being “Not a Numbers Person” 
  • Feel uncomfortable having conversations about the business finances
  • Feel their eyes glaze over when presented with financial reports. and
  • May have tried finance for non-accountants courses before, and it didn’t really help much

Participants will walk away from this one-day workshop with a much better understanding of:

  1. Some of the jargon- what terms like equity, assets and liabilities actually mean in plain english
  2. Why the balance sheet balances
  3. The relationship between the balance sheet and profit and loss account; and
  4. How value is generated in the business  

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